Things have changed a bit for me since the last time I visited this blog. At the beginning of fall said I wanted to just “be” without a plan, but I think the universe mistook “be” for “GO.”

Oh well… no complaints here. I’m enjoying the adventure and I’m crazy in love with my work. I still don’t have a plan, but I welcome all of the massive growth and change. More please!

Instead of crafting a big perfect plan about how I’m going to take on the new year, I just decided to keep going with my no plan concept. Like it worked so well for me last year that I’m literally un-planning 2018. My official New Year’s resolution is to take exceptional care of myself, which will mean whatever I need it to mean at any given moment. I’m going to be as present as possible. I’m going to feel all of my feelings, especially the ones that involve gratitude and wonder. I’m going to make good stuff, and I’m going to share it with as many people as possible. That’s all I know.

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For the first time in my life, I think I’m actually excited about fall. Not in a yay for pumpkin spice, football, scarves, and falling leaves kind of way… but in a refreshed, ready to move forward kind of way.

I think in the past, summer has been the only time I ever allowed myself to relax, only, not really. I never really released myself from my own ridiculous expectations, which I never actually meet, and so it’s always been a fake, guilty kind of relaxation, which never feels complete. So the end of summer would come, and I would get depressed, because I felt like I somehow missed my chance to do prepare to do something better, or, to just do nothing… I’m not sure which. But, it didn’t feel great.

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August Skincare Diary – Day 31


I am so stoked.

I learned a lot, but I won’t be doing this again for a while…


Slept: About 7.5 hours, and I had so much more energy today. So nice (and strange) waking up without that heavy, sinking, tired bones feeling lurking over me this morning. Could the supplements I’m taking really be working this fast?

Diet: Good. Normal. Lots of veggies. Just a tiny little amount of sugar.

Caffeine/Alcohol: About 3 cups of coffee this morning (I had to get my oil changed this morning so I filled up a travel mug and ended up drinking it all… oops!) Lots of water. 1 glass of red wine.

Morning skincare: 1. Toning mist with cotton ball. 2. 3 drops facial oil. 3. Eye serum. 4. Acne spot treatment. 5. Facial balm.

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August Skincare Diary – Day 30

So… do you wanna hear about a mini revelation I had last night?

I think I have a hormonal imbalance. Low estrogen, maybe? It’s difficult to tell because there seems to be a lot of crossover between the symptoms of low vs. high estrogen, but I am definitely loosing weight (and my hair) a lot more than usual. Like, I can actually tell that my hair has thinned over this past week, which made me realize that it’s been falling out since before I dyed it blue. I could tell it was coming out at the root because one end was brown and the other was pink, but I didn’t think much about it until I started putting together the puzzle – restless sleep, fatigue, weight loss, hair loss, spotting, irregular periods, huge beakouts on my neck and back, headaches… and I just had my thyroid levels checked a couple of months ago and the results came back normal. This may sound crazy obsessive but I’ve even noticed that the lines on the side of my face – the nasolabial folds (AKA laugh lines) are deeper/more pronounced than usual, I swear just all of a sudden.

I thought maybe I was just working too hard, doing to much hot yoga, and scrutinizing my face too much because a month of makeup free selfies can do that to a person, and perhaps I am, but mamma don’t play with thinning hair y’all.

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August Skincare Diary – Day 29

Slept: About 7 hours

Diet: All of the vegetables. No sugar, yet. I might have some chocolate.

Caffeine/Alcohol: 2.5 cups of coffee. Water. I might also have a glass of red wine later. Nothing goes better with reading books about perfumery in bed than a glass of wine and dark chocolate.

Morning Skincare: 1. I did an oil cleanse with red raspberry seed oil this morning, because I accidentally poured too much out at some point yesterday while I was making and I didn’t want to waste it. 2. Toning mist on a cotton ball. 3. 3 drops facial oil. 4. Eye serum. 5. Acne spot treatment. 6. Facial balm. 7. A drop of tea tree oil on my giant neck pimple πŸ™

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August Skincare Diary – Day 28

Slept: About 7.5 hours

Diet: Great. I hit up the whole foods bar for Indian food at lunch and took home some dolmas for post-workout dinner. Even I, the vegetable queen, need a break from salads every once & a while… Currently eating a couple squares of dark chocolate.

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August Skincare Diary – Day 27

Slept: About 7.5 hours

Diet: Fine, normal.

Caffeine/Alcohol: About 2.5 cups of coffee. Water. Still debating a glass of red wine…

Morning Skincare: I didn’t do anything to my face this morning.

Shower Skincare: 1. Quick oil cleanse with August serum (rinse off in shower.) 2. Toning mist spritz. 3. 3 drops facial oil. 4. Acne spot treatment on that random neck pimple.

Then, I started working.

Later in the day I put on some facial balm.

At some point I added some eye serum…

I forgot to take a picture…Β 

Makeup/Sunscreen: Nope.

Bedtime Skincare: 1. Facial balm cleanse with Foreo play scrubber. 2. Mini steam and wipe off with washcloth. 3. Toning mist on cotton ball. 4. 3 drops facial oil. 5. Beauty butter. 6. Acne spot treatment.

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August Skincare Diary – Day 26

Only 5 days left of this – we in the home stretch!

Honestly, while I do love making all of my products, all I ever really want to do is make perfume and blog about it so at the end of the day talking about skincare is kind of like, y a w n – you know? Although I will say that it has been useful to notice patterns and observe direct results regarding how my lifestyle and product choices affect my face, and I would recommend doing this for yourself if you’re interested in improving your routine and/or diet and/or giving up your nightly wine habit which is apparently kind of happening in this situation but not really…

So let’s get to it then:

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August Skincare Diary – Day 25

Slept: About 7.5 hours

Diet: Good. Normal. I had 3 squares of dark chocolate for dessert.

Caffeine/Alcohol: 2.5 cups of coffee. Lotsa water. 1 glass of red wine.

Morning skincare: 1. Rose hydrosol on a cotton ball (the bottle is almost empty so I opened it up and dumped it on a cotton ball.) 2. 3 drops facial oil. 3. Eye serum. 4. Acne spot treatment. 5. Facial balm.

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August Skincare Diary – Day 24

Slept: About 7.5 hours

Diet: Good/normal. No sugar.

Caffeine/Alcohol: 2.5 cups of coffee this morning. Plenty of water. No alcohol.

Morning Skincare: 1. Toning mist on cotton ball. 2. Rose hydrosol spritz. 3. 3 drops facial oil. 4. Eye serum. 5. Facial balm.

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